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4 x 160 Watt RMS

The US Blaster DURANIUM AB-class series are medium to big-sized 2 and 4-channel amplifiers. The power connections are on one end and the signal connections on the other. This arrangement allows for maximum isolation of noise by keeping the noisy power- and ground cables as far away from the signal and speaker conductors as possible. Throughout the amplifier are similar thoughtful details dedicated to the minimization of noise and maximizing the sonic performance. The amp is relatively plain looking, finished in a low-sheen black aluminum, but it is put together perfectly, with panel-mount RCAs and very good fit and finish. The US Blaster emblem on top illuminates in blue when the amp is turned on.

The US Blaster DURANIUM AB-class series amplifiers use a Darlington arrangement with high-speed (20MHz) bi-polar transistors for the output section. The power supply uses six of the expected Mosfet transistors. The PCB is a top-quality fiberglass 2-layer board that is perfectly laid out, with great attention to details that improve signal-to-noise, and reliability.

Taking a look inside the DURANIUM series, you’ll find a perfectly laid out PCB and only quality parts. Surface-mount parts make up the majority of the parts count on the PCB, and this is for a couple of reasons. First of all, surface-mount parts allow greater flexibility with PCB layout because of their small size, and secondly because their values are laser trimmed. Most SMT parts have a value tolerance of 0 percent. That zero tolerance ensures the engineers’ design will work as intended, even when mass-produced.

* 4 Ohm RMS power at 14.4V: 160 Watt
* 2 Ohm Load RMS power at 14.4V: 190 Watt
* 4 Ohm Bridged RMS power at 14.4V: 350 Watt
* Input Level: 0.2~5V
* High Level Input:N⁄A
* Two Channel Input mode: YES
* CH-A filter mode: HP-FULL-LP
* CH-B filter mode: HP-FULL-LP
* CH-A LPF: 50~500 Hz
* CH-A HPF: 50~500 Hz
* CH-B LPF: 50~500 Hz
* CH-B HPF: 50~500 Hz
* Frequency Response: 10Hz~25 KHz
* THD at 4Ohm load - 30% Rated Power: <0.02%
* S⁄N Ratio: 90 dB
* Channel Seperation: 89 dB
* Minimum Load: 2 Ohm
* Overload protect System: YES
* Overheat protect temperature: 80 ºC ⁄ 176 ºF
* Components & PCB: SMT & Double side board
* Dimensions: 345 x 228 x 52 mm
Price: € 267.95

Price: € 267.95