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Valeo Beep and Park front and rear
 Beep and Park front and rear

front and rear
including installation

The Valeo 'Beep n Park' Parking Sensors System with visual is specifically designed to be used where a towbar is fitted and  this may be seen by the sensors as an obstacle. If you do not have a towbar please look at kits VAL-632000 or VAL-632001.

The 'Beep & Park' parking sensors system by Valeo, is not just a mere accessory, but a superb device that over the next few years will become standard equipment on all new cars.
Why? A genuine need...

Reduced visibility behind and in front of the vehicle, smaller and smaller parking places, painted bumpers that are more attractive but more liable to damage from minor impacts, constantly rising repair costs… these inconveniences are just a few of the many reasons to equip your vehicle with a car parking sensors.

Valeo has created 'Beep & Park' park assist system, to be compatible with any vehicle & to offer drivers peace of mind in all parking situations.

'Beep n Park' Car Parking Sensors features:
  • Audio signal - Using ultrasound sensors, the onboard system detects any obstacle behind or in front of the vehicle (other vehicles, pedestrians, curbstones, etc) and informs the driver of its proximity with an audio signal that begins when an obstacle is 1.5 metres away & intensifies and becomes continuous when the vehicle comes within 30 cm of the object.
  • This is supplemented by a neat dashboard mounted visual display that also alerts the driver to approaching objects whilst reversing and indicates which side of the vehicle they are on.
  • With 'Beep & Park' parking sensors the vehicle can be parked quickly and easily in complete safety.
  • The Valeo rear parking sensors unit offers easy installation, smooth integration and with their small size the sensors allow discreet mounting in the bumpers without affecting the overall look of the vehicle.
This Valeo kit is 'ready to use' containing all the items needed for installation by a competent DIY'er or professional. The pack includes:
  • a hole cutting drill
  • a quick connect kit & all necessary fittings
  • 4 sensors
  • a single wire harness to simplify assembly and clear, detailed instructions.
Technical details:
  • Before fitting or drilling holes ensure that there is adequate clearance for the sensor to be mounted bearing in mind you may have the bumper iron behind the plastic bumper.
  • Suitable for vehicles that can have the sensors fitted between 45 & 65 cm from the ground but not less than 45cm apart and that can have the sensors mounted not more than 5 degrees from vertical.
Other information:
  • This device is not a substitute for driver vigilance
  • Fitting of this unit can be achieved without removal of the bumper provided you can get your hand to the back of the sensor. IF this is the case fitting time is approx 2 hours.
  • If bumper removal is required fitting time is approx 4 hours. Please check with the vehicle main dealer on the best way to remove the bumper.
Valeo are the world leaders in electronic driving aids & in September 2005 they celebrated producing their 50 millionth sensor! This is the kit to have, Valeo know what they are talking about!!
Price: € 375

Price: € 375

manufacturer guaranteed